Into The Past | Historical reenactments & living history | Grand Rapids, MI
David Schmid, Historian and Founder of Into the Past, Inc, is a man on a mission, equipping students and adults alike, with a knowledge and hunger for history rarely seen in today's culture. Having grown up with a love for literature and thus, history, David found his passion for North American History and Historical figures.

David Schmid's passion for educating youth and adults through professional presentations has allowed him the privilege of portraying figures such as a Loyalist Soldier, Hessian and American Militia Soldiers during the Revolutionary War. A Colonial Pennsylvania Militiaman during the French and Indian War and Voyageur during the Great Lakes Fur trade. David is also passionate about the Early French Explorers of 1604-1680 as well as the Exploration and Settlement of New Amsterdam by the Dutch West India Company of 1609-1666. David also has done exhaustive studies encompassing our country's Native American culture and history which David loves, understands and embraces.

Dedicated to our country's past, David is certain to be true to character. In every presentation given in schools, libraries and reenactments, David will wear period clothing and use equipment, introduce foods and render thoughts of his characters, all true to the time period in which he is presenting.

David’s objective is always to leave those to whom he is speaking enriched with facts and a renewed understanding and excitement about our nation's history and a true love for our country.