Dear Teachers,

What can you expect from a presentation to your class? Professionalism. I will be feeding your students tons of information either in a first persona setting or third person presentation. And it is amazing how much they do retain! Their thank you notes mention what they pick up on. Comments like, “do you bathe”? “Do you live like this all the time?”, “I liked the Furs”, and I loved comments starting like, “I didn’t know about……Then I feel I have done my job.

The presentations last the length of the class and I can easily do multiple classes and age groups. I will basically give you and your class as much as you need. I am familure with curriculum requirements and can adopt my presentation to fit your needs.

My presentations allow plenty of time for questions and I love getting the students involved with the presentation. And to fill that need to touch, 80% of my gear is safe for students to handle. Tools like muskets and swords or knives are not handled by the student. I treat these as tools just like an ax or a saw would be a tool of the man I am presenting to the class. When I present a soldier, I always state that war is a thing that is wrong and it is my hope that this next generation can see above the need for armed violence and grow to a better world. So, in my way I teach them the past so they can learn from it. When I bring a fire arm into the class room, it is always welcomed as a teaching aid. I was a High School security officer in the largest School in Minnesota for 7 years and 5 years on a Police Department. I know the laws and my respect for the fire arm as an education aid will give you a comfort zone in your class room.

I am passionate about history. I will show that passion to your class, and passion is contagious~ they will catch it.